"Children are others": one of the most significant works of Dr. Maria Montessori. Looking at the name of the book we see a fundamentally new picture of the child's life! The child is another! That means that all his mentality, all his being differs from an adult one. This seminar is designed to tell how the child acquires knowledge, experiences the time as well as how the children learn. You will get introductory information on the basics of the Montessori Method and get acquainted to the Montessori material.

"Domestic studio of Montessori toys ": what is a "correct" toy from the point of view of Montessori pedagogic, how parents can make their house interesting to the child, what toys are preferred by children, how to transform ordinary things into Montessori material.

Unique Training "Happy Parenting or Redirecting children's behavior" will help you:

  • To resolve conflicts peacefully without any authoritative pressure;
  • To find the ways helping the child to develop a correct estimation of his own behavior;
  • To teach children to resolve conflict situations independently;
  • To realize ultimate goals which aims the child by his behavior;
  • To develop the child's self-confidence;
  • To become a happy parent.

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